Individual therapy

Safe and confidential psychotherapy drawing upon the latest research and therapy methods to address a wide range of mental health problems and the emotional impact of life's challenges.

Process focused therapy drawing on the latest developments in 

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, including

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Compassion Focused Therapy, and

Functional Analytic Psychotherapy

Mindfulness courses

Structured mindfulness training programmes that help you understand your mind, promote psychological wellbeing, and to manage emotional distress including depression and anxiety.

In depth introductory courses:

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy


Graduates courses to deepen practice: 

Mindfulness Based Compassionate Living

Professional consultancy

Clinical skills training in psychological approaches to wellbeing, and mindfulness teacher development including specialist training and mindfulness supervision.

Training retreats


Mindfulness supervision

Mindfulness supravision

Practice mentoring

Mindfulness training, individual therapy and professional consultancy in London, UK