Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy

This 9-week course in MBCT is an evidence-based skills training programme combining mindfulness meditation and cognitive psychology aimed at helping you flourish and to take care of your health and wellbeing.


It provides a thorough introduction to mindfulness as a way of relating skilfully to the pressures and demands of life, and handling troubling thoughts and feelings with balance and care.

When we bring mindful awareness to our lives, we can learn to respond rather than react, and have more choice about how to take care of ourselves during difficult times.


About the course

Who the course is for

This course is suitable for anyone with an interest in exploring a mindfulness-based approach to health and wellbeing. Some people come to this course with an interest in meditation and understanding the mind. For others, it will be to learn ways of managing the effects of stress, such as worry, poor sleep, overthinking, agitation, and exhaustion. Some will apply to learn ways of managing anxiety and depression.

No previous experience of mindfulness or meditation is required. This course is aimed at complete beginners, and the intention is to give participants a thorough introduction to mindfulness and meditation. People with prior experience of mindfulness courses, or meditation generally, can also use this course to refresh and deepen their practice, and are very welcome to apply. Please also note that the meditations and exercises are secular in nature. This course is open to anyone of any religious faith or none.

What happens on the course

We meet as a group over 9 weeks (an orientation session, 8 course sessions, and a day of practice on a weekend). It is a complete course - not designed as a drop in - that introduces a number of themes and meditation practices to equip you with mindfulness skills for use in daily life. There is an additional day of practice after week 6 that provides an opportunity to go a little deeper into the mindfulness meditations.

The course is an experiential training aiming to help you develop skills of attention, intention, awareness, and conscious action. The learning draws primarily on mindfulness meditation, and each session will involve an extended guided mindfulness meditation practice, and time for discussion of the practice. To support your learning, we draw on theories from cognitive science, and use interactive experiential exercises from cognitive behavioural therapy. 


The primary learning will take place in the home practice. Therefore, you will be invited to develop a daily mindfulness meditation practice of 30-40 minutes per day, and do other brief exercises in the week to support your learning. 

Course materials

Guided meditations are provided as audio files which can be downloaded and played on a computer, an MP3 player, or smartphone. Handouts are given each week with worksheets and summaries of session themes.

Learning outcomes

Over the course of the programme you will learn how to move from the unhelpful ways of reacting to difficulty that show up when we are stressed, anxious or depressed, to more skilful and mindful responses that help you deal with difficulty more effectively. You will: 

  • learn to meditate

  • better understand your mind

  • be able to be more present in your life

  • reconnect to what matters most to you

  • relate differently to troubling thoughts and feelings 

  • recognise and respond skilfully to signs of stress

  • feel less overwhelmed by anxiety and depression

  • have strategies for taking care of yourself at difficult times

Please note this is a skills training course, and you will get more from the training if you are able to make time for the daily meditation practice.


Please take time to consider the commitments involved. You are welcome to get in touch to arrange a telephone call to discuss this further if you wish.


Who teaches the course

The course is taught by Jim Clark, a UK Network Listed mindfulness teacher. Jim has been meditating since 2000 and teaching meditation since 2007. He has a masters in MBCT from Oxford University, and has taught over 30 mindfulness courses to different clinical and general public groups. He is a trained supervisor, and mindfulness teacher trainer. Click here for more information about Jim's experience and training.

After the course

On completion of the course you will receive a certificate of attendance. 


To support your ongoing mindfulness practice you will be warmly welcome to join the monthly mindfulness drop-in session to practice with others. 

You may also be interested in the Heart of Mindfulness course - a follow on programme for 8-week mindfulness course graduates. See here for more information.

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