Over the past couple of decades, the research and investigation into programmes like mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) and mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT) has resulted in mindfulness meditation becoming well known throughout much of the western world.

People from many different domains of life have, through their own practice, experienced its benefits. These range from clinical mental health problems, chronic medical conditions, childbirth and parenting and general stress management, to schools, the workplace, sports psychology and the military. Even several governments around the world have been offering it to their politicians, with the UK parliament for example running regular courses and drop in sessions in Westminster. 

Mindfulness is an intentional, clear and steady, moment-to-moment awareness. It occurs naturally, but undeveloped it is usually quite brief. It is possible to cultivate and refine, typically through the practice of bringing our attention again and again to our present moment experience of the body and the mind, with an attitude of curiosity, friendliness, openness and acceptance, and a motivation to learn more about how to meet whatever life brings with balance and care. With mindfulness we learn to respond skilfully rather than reactively, to recall, connect with, and be guided by what is important to us, and to heal, to grow, and to flourish.

As such, mindfulness has many different nuances. It is paying attention, but much more than just that. Mindful awareness is informed by mindful intentions and recollections, it is shaped and guided by mindful attitudes, which in turn guide mindful speech and behaviour. It is not a singular psychological state or mental function - mindfulness is a process and an activity that is multilayered, responsive and contextual. It is more like a chord than a note; many aspects come together to create a rich and resonant skilfulness of heart and mind.  


Mindfulness drop-in sessions

During this period of the coronavirus, I will be offering mindfulness meditation drop-in sessions every Tuesday and Thursday morning, and on some Wednesday evenings. 


Sessions are 30 minutes

Tuesdays - 11:30am

Wednesdays - 6pm

Thursdays - 11:30am


We meet on Zoom

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Sessions are offered on a donation basis. Details on how to make a dontation will be included in your email with the link to the session.