Security, data protection and confidentiality

We use encrypted platforms for all web-based mediums. 

For webcam and voice only sessions, it is important to have a private space where you can speak freely without being concerned about being seen or overheard.

Whilst there may be no risk of being overheard on IM sessions (and if texting on your phone, less risk being overseen) it is still recommended to conduct the session in a private place where you won't be distracted or disturbed.

Your data will be stored in conformance with the Data Protection Act and GDPR. Please see the Privacy Policy for more details 

Technical requirements

For all options (except phone, when using the telephone rather than the internet to make the call) you will need a working computer or tablet with reliable internet connection and security protection enabled.

For webcam sessions you will need a working webcam on your computer or tablet. 

You will be given links to relevant software that will be free to use and meets the security requirements.

If voice only sessions are by telephone, the client will be responsible for making the call.   

You will need a working phone number to be contacted in an emergency in the event of technical fault interrupting our internet connection. 

Fees and payment

  • Webcam

  • Voice only

  • Instant Message

  • Email

All mediums above cost £80 per session.

Payment is by bank transfer only. Bank details are provided in the invoice. You will be invoiced at the time of creating the appointment, and the payment must be received before the start of the session. If the payment is not received I reserve the right to cancel the session. 

Brief communication between sessions, such as rescheduling appointments, is included. Longer communications, extra sessions, and

letters/reports are charged at the hourly rate of £80.

Cancellation policy

I require 48 hours for cancellation of synchronous sessions (webcam, voice only or IM). Cancellations made within this notice period will be payable in full. 

In the case of email therapy, your reply will come within 48 hours of the day you are scheduled to send your email to me. If your email arrives early I will not be able to reply earlier than the specified time. If your email arrives late, may not be able to reply within 48 hours due to other prior arranged commitments. Replies to late emails may take up to a week to be sent.